What is mindfulness training and breathtaking?

Though it has been around for thousands of years, mindfulness has recently become a popular topic as it relates to our overall well-being and health. Mindfulness can simply be defined as “being aware of what’s happening, as it’s happening.” Mindfulness practices have been backed by years of research to be very effective in regulating one’s behaviors and emotions. 

Specifically in education, mindfulness training is newer to schools and provides a set of lessons and techniques used to calm the mind and body in order to:

•    Pay attention on purpose
•    Be in the present moment, without judgment or criticism
•    Help us respond, rather than react to situations

Here are some stats* regarding teacher stress where mindfulness can help:

•    51% reported they suffer from severe stress as a result of workplace worries
•    83% reported stress causes them to be constantly tired
•    24% get sick more frequently
•    Teachers report that stress causes their teaching to be below par, negatively impacting their students’ learning experience
*Stats gathered from: 
American Federation of Teachers, 2015; Davidson, 2011; Gallup, 2013; McCarthy, Lambert, O'Donnell, & Melendres, 2009; Skaalvik & Skaalvik, 2015; Stevenson & Harper, 2006 
Gallup, 2013.
Green, 2014; Kipps-Vaughan, 2013 Teachers Assurance Report, 2013

Collaborative Learning Solutions recognizes that introducing mindfulness training and breathing exercises with students and teachers is an effective way to help with social and emotional learning (SEL) and to improve overall school performance. And so, we have mindfulness training services focused around our Breathtaking Series.

Key Benefits

Helps reduce sense of stress.
Helps students with self-reflection, self-regulation, and self-compassion.
Increases neurological functioning and positive emotions.
Boosts the immune system’s ability to fight off illness.
Lengthens attention spans and increases executive functions (working memory, planning, organization, and impulse control).
Helps teachers and staff connect with their students as teachers trained in mindfulness also show lower blood pressure, less negative emotion and symptoms of depression, and greater compassion, and empathy.
Increases student attendance and decreases violence and suspension rates.

How We Can Support

Our team has years of experience using mindfulness in educational settings. We specialize in SEL skill-building by integrating expertise and research from CASEL, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Edutopia, and other key industry leaders. We are committed to helping districts incorporate mindfulness with our Breathtaking Series and other solutions.

Professional Learning and Development

We teach administrators, support staff, and teachers about mindfulness and how it helps improve student performance and learning environments.

Consultation, Training, and Coaching

Our professional learning services include opportunities for district leadership teams to recreate a system and pathway to equip staff with consistent tools and strategies needed to respond to student behaviors and allow for increased effectiveness of learning.

*We customize all of our solutions for each district, school, etc. we work with. Please contact us for more information or assistance.

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