Daily SEL Lesson-Let's See if You can rock some kinds this week!

Today’s focus: Plan a Rock Garden or Rock Planter at Your School.

This week our focus is to learn about the Kindness Rocks Projects and how people are impacting others with beautiful messages.



  • Watch the video
  1. What emotion do you feel after watching these students talk about their rock project?
  2. How do emotions ignite our actions…make us want to do something nice?
  3. Where could you place your school’s rock garden box?




  • Watch the video
  1. Collect some more soft rocks and get out your painting supplies.
  2. Find a meaningful poem to you and choose words to include on your rock
  3. With your classmates on-line, determine where a your would place rocks at your school.
  4. Who will you need to propose your plan for the rock garden.