Daily SEL Lesson-Let's See if You can rock some kindness this week!

Today’s focus: Writing an Acrostic Poem Using KINDNESS 
ROCKS as the Topic.

This week our focus is to learn about the Kindness Rocks Projects and how people are impacting others with beautiful messages.



  • Watch the video
  1. Write an acrostic poem using the two works KINDNESS ROCKS
  2. Share your poem with your family. What did they think?
  3. Share your poem with your classmates on-line today or next week.
  4. Remember thinking about kindness and sharing kind messages on rocks can make someone else feel good. YOU are part of the ripple effect of spreading kindness which increases happiness! Thanks for making the world better!



  • Watch the video
  1. Think of a different word for each letter about KINDNESS ROCKS
  2. Now use that word in a phrase to represent KINDNESS ROCKS
  3. Share yours with your friends on-line this week!
  4. What were their responses. Think of one’s student’s response that was complimentary. Sit with that kind gesture. Remember kind words ripple out. Notice it.