What are Student Advocacy Centers?

Purpose Tied and integrated with our Restorative Practice Support, we help support schools in creating unique, student-led centers that change the discipline model for maladaptive behaviors and harm. These specific centers are either called Student Advocacy Centers,  Restorative Justice Centers (RJCs), or similar titles depending on the school’s preference.

How It Works 

The Student Advocacy Centers have designated student advocates which model school-wide expectations for behavior and actively participate in the decision making process for disciplinary action. These advocates work with student offenders to provide meaningful opportunities to be heard and encourage accountability while focusing on repairing harm to the community. Through this process the advocates construct creative solutions to disciplinary matters that support righting the wrong, learning from the situation, and supporting appropriate interventions are provided.

The Impact

Students are part of the discussions and solutions. Primary stakeholders, the person(s) harmed, the offender(s), and the school or classroom community, determine how to best repair the harm done by an offense. This provides restorative justice and emphasizes the values of empathy, respect, honesty, acceptance, responsibility, and accountability within a school system.

Key Benefits

Provides proactive and inclusive ways to effectively address behavior and other complex school issues.
Helps build student leadership and student advocates.
Changes the discipline model from punitive to restorative.
Offers a supportive environment that can improve learning.
Strengthens relationships and builds community.
Improves safety by preventing future harm.
Offers alternatives to suspension and expulsion.


How We Can Support

Collaborative Learning Solutions is a trailblazer in this space and has seen many successes for schools implementing Student Advocacy Centers.

Consultation and Coaching

We provide consultation and coaching sessions for planning implementation with leadership. We also support throughout the implementation of a center within a school.


Our consultants and support staff help train the school's staff, as well as train for student advocates and Implementation Team, and provide intensive booster training for advocates.

*We customize all of our solutions for each district, school, etc. we work with. Please contact us for more information or assistance.

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