What is SEL?

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults learn and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to understand and manage emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships, and set and achieve goals. SEL helps people recognize who they are and how to effectively interact and work with others.

Key Benefits

Improves knowledge of how to know and manage one’s self.
Helps address mental health outcomes associated with adverse childhood experiences and trauma.
Improves social and emotional skills, attitudes, relationships, academic engagement, and performance.
Creates a safe, supportive school climate and environment for learning.
Improves ability to make sound choices about personal and social decisions.
Improves test scores, grades, and attendance.
Helps reduce emotional distress and behavioral problems.
Provides cost-benefits. Research shows SEL is a wise financial investment and provides long-term improvements. According to CASEL, the average return on investment for six evidence-based programs is 11 to 1, meaning for every dollar invested there is an $11 return.


How We Can Help

Our team has years of educational experience and specializes in SEL skill building by integrating expertise and research from CASEL and Harvard Graduate School of Education. We are committed to helping districts incorporate SEL into their school climate initiatives.

Professional Learning and Development

Consultation and Development of Strategies to Build SEL Standards

Curriculum, Training/Coaching, and Implementation


We customize all of our solutions for each district, school, etc. we work with. Please contact us for more information or assistance.


We have two unique SEL student curriculums: Values & Decisions and InResponse



Values & Decisions Curriculum

InResponse Curriculum


• Provide SEL skill-building

• Restore and repair

• Provide equity

• Positive academic, SEL, and behavioral outcomes

• Provide SEL skill-building

• Restore and repair

• Provide equity

• Positive academic, SEL, and behavioral outcomes


K-12 students

6-12 Students


Online curriculum designed to optimize learning and decision-making by growing students’ emotional intelligence.

Online curriculum designed for students to learn and engage with as an alternative to suspension and other punitive on or off-campus interventions.


• Flexible lessons designed to accommodate independent study/blended learning or direct teaching models.

• A year-long course with pre/post-assessment surveys for progress monitoring.

• Technical assistance at each stage of implementation.

• Self-paced curriculum for students to learn and reflect on key challenges they face.

• Includes a comprehensive guidebook.

• Materials are built on the foundation of restorative practices and Depth of Knowledge (DOK).

• Includes technical assistance for implementation with an InResponse coach.

Sample of


• Mindfulness

• Breathing Techniques

• Finding Forgiveness & Growing

• Mindfulness

• Growth mindset

• Strengths-spotting


• Gratitude

• Optimism and Happiness

• Developing Relationships

• Strengthening Empathy

• Emotional Intelligence

• Addresses and explicitly teaches skills aligned with the5 CASEL competencies.

• Instructional activities aligned to CCSS for languagearts.


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