What is Restorative Practice?

Restorative practice is a social science that studies how to build social capital and achieve social discipline through participatory learning and decision making. Restorative practices change the way we look at traditional behavior management with students and the youth by promoting the power of relationship and community building, rather than the power of punishment as a motivator. Restorative practices provide a framework and structure for responding to challenging behavior through authentic dialogue, self-reflection, empathy, and accountability.

Key Benefits

Helps one understand how his/her behaviors affect others.
Helps reduce crime, violence, and bullying with students.
Provides a positive mindset change that moves away from traditional, punitive discipline and builds a more restorative approach that’s inclusive.
Repairs harm and restores relationships, thus strengthening civil society.
Engages in self-reflection of practice and action plan for growth.
Help establish and guide consistent school-wide expectations and interventions for students.
Provides students with opportunities for moral action and creating a caring school community.
Decreases suspensions and expulsions.
Increases instructional time.


How We Can Help

Collaborative Learning Solutions is committed to providing Restorative Practices tools and strategies to develop and maintain proactive and preventative school and classroom climates focused on teaching and learning. Restorative Practices can be used to build community and connections amongst students and staff, as well as resolve issues.


Professional Learning

We provide experiential training for K-12 classroom teachers, staff, and administrators that will introduce the basic principles, values, and processes of Restorative Practices in school settings. Our trainings provide tools and strategies to develop and maintain proactive and preventative school and classroom climates focused on teaching and learning, including:

⇒ Practical ideas for more effectively using a restorative and skill-building mindset in the classroom

Teacher-tested strategies for building learning environments centered on meaningful relationships, strengthened interpersonal skills, and high-quality instruction

 Innovative techniques to advance social and emotional skill-building in equitable learning environments


We coach school site leadership on how to build and restore relationships, enhance social capital, and respond to challenging behavior through a framework for authentic dialogue, self-reflection, empathy, and accountability. Our approach provides building-level staff with the strategies and skills necessary to implement a more responsive discipline structure that focuses on intervention. We also help with modeling, walk-throughs, and creating plans for implementation for optimal success.

*We customize all of our solutions for each district, school, etc. we work with. Please contact us for more information or assistance.


The Impact

"I have had the privilege of getting to not only participate in the Restorative Practices training but to coordinate it for my building and work collaboratively with the Collaborative Solutions group. I received the training for my building through a grant and I was so impressed with the level of customer service I received. All individuals involved in this process were so responsive and willing to go above and beyond to support my building in being able to successfully implement Restorative Practices at Ford. I have been able to access and move forward with all 3 programs (student RJC, all staff RP training, & community of equitable practices). Without this opportunity, I would have not delved into this important work at this level. I believe the work is incredibly impactful for student and staff emotional safety and will lead to lasting changes here at Ford Middle School."

-    Audra Goodman, Assistant Principal, Franklin Pierce School District (WA)

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