What are tiered systems of support in education?

Tiered Support for school districts and sites is a strategy to organize practices intended to deliver equitable, student-centered instruction. Collaborative Learning Solutions’ (CLS) integrated approach supports the whole child through a series of evidence-based practices, interventions, and enrichments. Tiered support employs data-based decision-making strategies based on common assurances to provide the necessary support for students to achieve academic, social, and behavioral success. The CLS approach targets district and site systems to provide equitable supports.

Key Benefits

Begins with identifying and installing proactive, preventative strategies to support students academic, social, and behavioral needs aligned to district goals.
Engages students, parents, staff, and community partnerships focused on a common goal.
Aligns existing initiatives, practices, and resources to clear, well-defined goals across the district system.
Provides clarity and focus through common assurances, capturing the best resources available to support student success.
Creates a sustainable system that builds and integrates the district level to tiered solutions and structures.
Systematically approaches the needs of each student.
Focuses on a continuous improvement process.

How We Can Help

Collaborative Learning Solutions provides a customized approach for each local education agency (LEA), district, and school based on current practices. Our consultants are practitioners who can help other practitioners identify and align goals and initiatives to best meet the needs of the whole child. We partner with you to organize existing resources and uncover gaps that may be preventing you from providing the support necessary for children to achieve college, career, and community readiness.

*We customize all of our solutions for each district, school, etc. we work with. Please contact us for more information or assistance.

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