What drives our team every single day is our mission: to change the trajectory of our marginalized youth by unlocking opportunities through partnerships with educational and social service agencies to address system improvements.

For the Bakersfield City School District, Collaborative Learning Solutions has been a key thought partner in assisting us with analyzing and developing our systems to implement PBIS. Dr. Eyler’s guidance has been critical in supporting the development of our vision for improving social-emotional outcomes for students. His expertise and experience have been invaluable; providing the technical knowledge and training needed to change practices across our 43 schools.

Dr. Tim Fulenwider, Director of Instructional Support Services, BCSD (CA)

The partnership between Woodland Joint Unified School District and Collaborative Learning Solutions is founded on the simple principle of creating a system to address complex issues. Restorative Practices, Positive Behavior Interventions, Equity, Character Development, and Response to Intervention all move from program to practice when working with Collaborative Learning Solutions.

Dr. Maria Armstrong, Retired Superintendent and National Consultant

If (CLS) was not on board with us, guiding us every step of the way, we would probably not be at the point we are now.

Dr. Brenda Lewis, Associate Superintendent of Instruction, KHSD (CA)

The company is on the cutting edge of social-emotional learning, PBIS…and education.

Dr. Zhanna Preston, Director of Special Education, MVUSD (CA)

A great thought partner along our journey…there’s no one else I’d recommend working with.

Brian Mendiburu, Director of Student Behavior and Support, KHSD (CA)

If you get a chance to work with Collaborative Learning Solutions, seize the opportunity!  Collaborative Learning Solutions provides top-notch professional development and consultation on Restorative Inclusive Practices.  Our principals and staff raved about CLS instructors, content, and learning design.  In fact, the training was so engaging and responsive to our needs that we are now trying to figure out how to bring Collaborative Learning Solutions into every school in our district.  They are that good at what they do!

Cherlyn Pijanowski, Director of Student Achievement, North Thurston Public Schools (WA)


Our vision as an organization is to ensure student success beyond the margins. 


Collaborative Learning Solutions is committed to challenging the status quo in education and interrupting predictable outcomes for marginalized youth. We intentionally disrupt antiquated thinking. We practice humility, recognizing we don’t always have the answers and committing to a process of lifelong learning. Most importantly, we focus relentlessly on building relationships with our clients. Learn more about our values as an organization.


We follow our moral and ethical convictions to do the right thing in all circumstances, even if no one is watching.


Our thoughts and motivations are easily perceived, with no hidden agendas. In the spirit of collaboration, we make information easily accessible for everyone.


We challenge the status quo and traditional ways of doing things with pioneering thinking and operating outside the box.


We are committed to the relentless pursuit of student successes.


We seek a greater purpose to motivate and influence positive outcomes for generations.