Our team offers years of experience in establishing effective, integrated systems of intervention and support around behavior, mental health, restorative practices, and social-emotional development. If you are interested in a career with Collaborative Learning Solutions, please visit our Careers page!

Leadership Team

Dr. Jon Eyler

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chad Pomajzl

VP of Operations & Business Development

Jeanne Bargman, MA, PPS

VP of Consulting Services

Our Team of Experts

Nico Butty

Project Manager

Jenna Cataleta, M.Ed.

Educational Consultant

Dr. Kathy Cox

Educational Consultant

Ruth Cruz

Leadership Support

Dr. Victoria Forrester

Educational Consultant

Candy Haight-Wiedmeier

Consulting Coordinator

Regina Hartman


Dawn Henry

Marketing Coordinator

Kenny McCarthy

Educational Consultant

Atsie Sanchez, LMFT, PPS

Educational Consultant

Andrea Secoff

Educational Consultant

Ricki Shankland

Educational Consultant

Tanjela Sims

Educational Consultant

Matthew Soloway

Business Manager