A Call to Action: Show Up!

Sometimes it can be hard to “show up” for others. We worry about our sacrifice of time and energy to help others. But, “showing up” can range from lending a listening ear to creating a nonprofit. The level at which you “show up” is up to you. No matter how involved you get, others will benefit! 

Elementary Lesson



  1. Watch the video with your students.
  2. Think about Brad, the Socktober guy, and how he helped spread good and hope by “showing up” and getting sock donations for those in need.
  3. Talk to some friends and/or trusted adults and find out needs, like Brad found, but in your own community.
  4. Then make a plan to “show up” to fill that need! Remember, you can always show up in small or large ways. It’s up to you!

Secondary Lesson


  • Read this short call to action, adapted from an article by Nick Notas (Notas, 2020).

​​​​Showing up sometimes means sacrificing something to make others happy. This can be our time, energy, emotions, or talents. It is easy to say we’re too busy and back out of situations where we’re needed to show up. But when we do show up, we and others benefit. Being present builds our SEL skills. We gain empathy and resilience, trust, and connections. By showing up, we encourage others, support their needs, and make positive change in the world. So here’s a call to action or “call to show up:”

  1. Be present with others by actively and compassionately listening to them.
  2. Make and keep your plans to spend time with others. They’re counting on you.
  3. Check in and genuinely ask how others are doing.
  4. Stand up for others who are mistreated.
  5. Offer your skills or “superpowers.”

These are just a few ideas. Pick one and commit to this “call to show up” today!