This interactive webinar will provide participants with the foundational components needed to experience authentic relationships to identify social-emotional learning skills.

Authentic Relationships with Ourselves and Others

Description: This interactive webinar will provide participants with the foundational components needed to experience authentic relationships to identify social-emotional learning skills. Participants will learn why authentic relationships are so important on a personal level and for our communities. We will also look at how personally they align with Washington’s educational values of Inclusion, Ensuring Equity, Collaboration and Service, and Achieving Excellence Through Continuous Improvement. Through self-reflection, journaling, and other activities, participants will experience opportunities to uncover their own social and relationship skills and create strategies for maximizing the impact of authentic and healthy relationships, starting with themselves. 
Participants will practice identifying specific social-emotional learning and relational skills in themselves that lead to deeper learning and development of the whole child. Self-reflection and interactive experiences will be used to positively impact self-discovery and the discovery of others. Finally, everyone will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and discuss collaboratively at the end of the webinar.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why authentic relationships with yourself and others are crucial.
  • Learn the how of authentic relationships following four key concepts (know, develop, maintain, and restore).
  • Learn what authentic relationships look like for yourself and with others at your school.
  • Learn more about yourself and then your colleagues through self-discovery, discussions, and reflections.
  • Create goals and action plans to put into practice immediately.