Becoming an advocate for Social Justice

Oftentimes we learn of or hear about social injustice but we do not feel equipped to make a difference. The first step in becoming an advocate is to understand that we are all different and accept that difference is good!

Elementary Lesson


  1. Watch the video on differences and why they’re awesome.
  2. Think about someone you’ve met or know that you feel is “different”. What makes them different? 
  3. Write down your thoughts about what makes people different and if it really matters. 
  4. Tell an adult about just one thing you will commit to doing for someone at your school to help them feel more welcomed.

Secondary Lesson


  1. Watch the video on differences and inclusion.
  2. Write down what parts of the video you connect with and why.
  3. Does this video remind you of anyone you know at your school? 
  4. How can you make a difference today?

See you next week for our next lesson!