Daily SEL Lesson – Building Emotional Literacy 4/10

Welcome to the CLS Daily SEL lesson. Each day, Monday through Friday, we will provide a new social-emotional learning lesson designed to build emotional intelligence and resilience. There will be a lesson for elementary students and a lesson for secondary students that include media (videos, audios, or text) and simple step-by-step instructions.

We hope that the lessons are helpful to you and your children.

Weekly Focus: Self-Awareness



  1. Watch the video.
  2. Make a list of different emotions you feel. Come up with at least 10 emotions.
  3. Using 3×5 cards or something similar, make a card for each feeling/emotion that includes the name of the emotion and an emoji that represents that feeling.
  4. Teach a family member or friend about the emotions on your cards.

Secondary Lesson – The Doorman Video


  1. Watch the video and notice your emotions.
  2. Draw a large circle on your paper and inside the circle record all the emotions you believe are expressed in this video from start to finish. You may want to first search for emotion words first so you have a bank to choose from. Go on line and find a giant list of ‘words that express emotions.
  3. Determine one positive gesture that you could implement at your school or in your home to improve positivity amongst people.
  4. Develop a plan to carry this out…days, times, activities.