Daily SEL Lesson – Friendship 6/1

Welcome Back to the CLS Daily SEL lessons! Due to your incredible feedback, we’ve decided to keep posting daily lessons, Monday through Friday until June 12. It is our hope that these continue to be helpful in giving children the needed skills to improve mental health and social-emotional skills.


This week we are focusing on Friendship

Weekly Focus: Friendship

Elementary Lesson

What is a friend?


  1. What words describe a good friend?
  2. Write a thank you note to a friend, and tell them why you care about them. Give an example, something they have done or said that you want to remind them of. Share your story of gratitude.

Secondary Lesson


  • Watch the video
  1. How do you feel after watching the video? List 3 emotions you are having.
  2. Sometimes we jump to conclusions and go to feeling disappointed right away about others, even our friends. Think about Being Curious…Not Furious. Be less judging and more forgiving.
  3. Think about a friend who has recently disappointed you. Give them grace.