Daily SEL Lesson – Harnessing Happiness 5/19

Weekly Focus: Happiness

Welcome Back to the CLS Daily SEL lessons! Due to your incredible feedback, we’ve decided to keep posting daily lessons, Monday through Friday until June 12. It is our hope that these continue to be helpful in giving children the needed skills to improve mental health and social-emotional skills.

This week we are focusing on Happiness and Joy. Did you know that you can find happiness even in the middle of deep sadness? Check out the lessons this week to learn more.

Thank you and we hope this are helpful to you and your family.

Elementary Lesson – In My Heart Read Along


  1. Watch the video and follow the story.
  2. What is one thing you learned from the story?
  3. What makes your heart feel happy?
  4. What does your heart feel right now?

Secondary Lesson – 7 Ways to be Happier


  1. Watch the video and write down the 7 ways to improve happiness.
  2. Which of the 7 ideas from the video most resonated with you?
  3. List three things you will do to increase your happiness.