Daily SEL Lesson-Let's See if You can rock some kindness this week!

Today’s focus: How to Paint Kindness Rocks

This week our focus is to learn about the Kindness Rocks Projects and how people are impacting others with beautiful messages.



  • Watch the video
  1. What are 3 messages you want to paint on some kindness rocks? 
  2. Go do some small, soft rock hunting. Bring back at least 3 rocks. 
  3. Now, paint your rocks and then add your messages. Get ready to deliver them!



  • Watch the video
  1. Look up inspiring comments you can paint on some kindness rocks on the internet, your favorite books, calendars, etc. Decide on 5 you will use today for this project. 
  2. Go rock hunting and bring back some very smooth rocks to paint. 
  3. Prep, paint, use permanent markers and get creative. Now, go place them!