Keep Talking: Stress, Anxiety, and Mental Health

Did you know that one in five children will experience some sort of mental health challenge? This can be you or someone you know. The good news is that we can support each other by talking, listening, and reaching out for support.

Elementary Lesson

Talk, Listen, and Act on Mental Health


  1. Watch the video (5 minutes and 39 seconds long) with your students and have them reflect with these thoughts and questions:

    • Think about Sasha and Andre. Share how their experiences were the same and different.

    • What did each of them do that was helpful?

    • Think about what you can do when you are feeling like Sasha or Andre. Draw a picture that shows you taking the action to get help.

Secondary Lesson

Your Feelings, Your Voice


  1. Watch the video (4 minutes and 10 seconds long) with your students. Discuss the following with them:

    • These teens shared openly. If you were asked to be vulnerable and share your true feelings and experiences related to stress, anxiety, and mental health what would you say?

    • Draw a quick picture placing yourself in the center and all the feelings you experience branching out from that picture.

    • Reflect on each of these feelings; How do you label them? Which do you consider to be positive and/or negative? Having seen the video, how many of your peers do you think might feel the same way?

    • Set an intention to address a feeling you labeled as negative. What will you do to support yourself when you feel this way?