Still We Rise...

Despite challenges in our lives, we can develop positive ways of coping in order to grow and RISE up. Think of the obstacles you have faced and how you have overcome to be an even better version of yourself. Keep on RISING up and living resiliently!

Elementary Lesson

Becoming Resilient


  1. Watch the video.

  2. Talk about what you learned from each step.

  3. Describe the try-fail-learn cycle to a friend or family member.

  4. What is something you can tell yourself next time you fail?

  5. Make a list of people who can support you when you need it.

Secondary Lesson


  1. Watch the video of Maya Angelou’s reading of her poem Still I Rise.

  2. Consider the challenges she describes (i.e. “you can shoot me with your words, you can cut me with your lies, you can kill me with your hatefulness...”)

  3. Make a list of the challenges you face.

  4. Now make a list of ways you have overcome or are working to overcome so that as Maya Angelou proclaims you might also say, “Still I Rise.”

  5. Finally, think of the ways Maya Angelou shared her resilience through poetry, dance, and strength. What can you do to show your strength? Commit to one action.