Stories of Inequality

To understand others, sometimes it helps to “walk in their shoes”. The below stories give a brief glimpse into the experience of others. Take a moment to listen and reflect.

Elementary Lesson

Instructions: Watch the video/ listen to the story.

  1. How did the story make you feel?
  2. Have you ever been in a situation that felt unfair?
  3. Have you ever seen an unfair situation? What did you do about it? 
  4. Would you choose a new student for your soccer team?
  5. Josh and Emma had lots of questions.  Now it’s your turn to talk to your family and ask your questions.

Secondary Lesson

Instructions: Watch the video and think about Naudika’s story.

  1. Could you relate to any parts of Naudika’s story? 
  2. Have you ever felt that others were treated differently than you? 
  3. Were you treated better or worse? How did it feel?
  4. Have you ever defended someone that was being treated worse? 
  5. What can you do to advocate for someone who is not being treated fairly? 
  6. Who can you talk to about your thoughts and feelings?

See you next week for our next lesson!