The Impact of Relationships

Thinking back on people that have made a positive difference in your life, who are those people? What is it about them that made an impact on you? In most cases, your answers will point to the type of relationship that they fostered with you. These people made you feel important, heard, or maybe even just seen at a time that you felt invisible. As we start this new school year, we remember the impact of relationships in education and in personal growth.

Instructions: Watch the video with your students and have them answer the questions below (discussion, in writing, or both).

Elementary Lesson

  1. Who has been your favorite teacher ever? Why? 
  2. How did that teacher make you feel? 
  3. What in this video do you think is true? 
  4. What can your new teacher do to make you feel important in class?

Secondary Lesson

  1. What are your thoughts related to this video?  
  2. Which parts can you relate to? 
  3. Who has been your favorite or most impactful teacher or school staff?  Why? 
  4. How did that person make you feel? 
  5. What did they do to make you feel that way? 
  6. What is something your teachers can do now to make you feel important to your class community?

Follow up Activity

Write a thank you note or draw a picture or do something kind for your favorite teacher/staff or a teacher/staff that you would like to connect to.

Teacher Tips

Reflect on your own favorite or most impactful teacher? Did they inspire your career choice? How have you used this inspiration in your teaching? Or personally? If that teacher was sitting in your classroom today. What would they say or notice about you or your teaching style? Use this reflection to inspire or direct the course of your day. What might you change or do more of to continue to build relationships with your students?