Welcome Back!

Last school year was like no other. We endured and persevered through a variety of challenges and continued to move forward. As this next school year begins, we remember the importance of community and maintaining connection with others. Our home, school, and local communities are the backbone of our continued resilience and build the foundation for a strong school year. Welcome Back!

Elementary & Secondary Lessons

Research has shown that learning and teaching are highly social experiences. Building classroom communities that are safe and trusting environments for learning is essential for student learning. With Community Circles, educators can build trust, deepen relationships, and help people express feelings, needs, and wants. The “circle” format enables equity, focus, connection, and inclusion between all participants. Circles are used for teaching social emotional skills, academics, conflict resolution, and more.

Click here for the Community Building Circle instructions and questions to use when doing this exercise with students and/or staff.

CLS Community Building Circle Handout


Teacher Tips

Here are some videos that demostrate community building circles and some strategies for implementation. If you have any questions about this exercise or our services, please contact us at info@clsteam.net!