What Can You Do With Your Superpowers?

We’ve had an interesting year with the pandemic and have really had to keep to ourselves and our families to stay safe. Essentially, we’ve hidden our superpowers. So now is the time to get back out and use our superpowers to do good for others and change things for the better! Wondering how? Check out these ideas, pick one or two, and go for it!

Elementary and Secondary Lesson


Instructions: Use the following prompts in your classroom with your students.

  1. Think about your strengths and interests - your superpowers! What are you great at? What do you love to do?
  2. Practice your self-awareness by making a list of these strengths and interests.
  3. Look over the list with another student and keep building those relationship skills! Think about which of your superpowers you could share with others in the community. If you are strong in math, could you tutor? If you love sports, could you be an assistant coach to a team? Do you like art or music? Could you create an art display or do a show at a senior facility?
  4. Having difficulties thinking of an action to take? Check out these ideas.
  5. Pick one or two, make a plan, and get out there to DO!