Working Through Strong Emotions

Strong emotions can be hard to navigate, even for adults. Much like a storm, feelings can sometimes come quickly and we may get swept away with strong thoughts or sensations which can cause adverse consequences. In these elementary and secondary lessons, students will be guided through a visualization to help weather the “emotional storm.”

Elementary Lesson


Read this script outloud, having students close their eyes (or gaze down) to connect to their body and visualize “the emotional storm.” Allow students to start making connections to their own feelings and how sometimes these big feelings can feel heavy and out of control, just like a strong thunderstorm.

Secondary Lesson


Read this script, having students close their eyes (or gaze down) to connect to their body and visualize “the emotional storm.” 

Follow-Up Activity

  1. Have students use this coloring page to follow up after the scripted visualization.  
  2. Ask them “What are some of the strong emotions that you experience? Identify those on the clouds.”  
  3. Next, ask each student to draw their safe space on the picture. Ask them, “Is it a house? A school? A place with your family?” 
  4. Have them color the picture and share with friends, family, or their classmates.

Teacher Tips

“Weathering the storm” with our children and students can oftentimes be just as overwhelming for us as it is for them. Sometimes the triggers of their emotional outbursts are unknown, causing us to feel even more unable to alleviate their discomfort. Sometimes, all we can offer is our own calm and sometimes, that’s all they need. Other times, they need something more. It’s important to remember that we are enough, even in those times that we feel helpless. It’s also important to reach out to others and ask for help or collaboration when we need it. Below are two articles speaking to the needs of our emotional kids, and offer a few ideas on how to support them. But don’t forget - we have to take care of ourselves FIRST, in order to best care for them!

Article 1 | "How to Help a Highly Emotional Child Cope With Big Feelings"

Article 2 | "30 Games and Activities for Self-Regulation"