Archived SEL Lessons

We have a list of arcived social emotional learning (SEL) lessons for you to reference if needed. They are sorted in alphabetical order by the topic and some topics have a series of lessons. These were created prior to 2021 and please contact us if you have any questions or would like some support with SEL for your organization. Thank you!

Body Scanning:

Building Emotional Literacy Series:

Friendship Series:

Growth Mindset Series:

Growing Your Empathy Series:

Harnessing Happiness Series:

Holding Happiness Series:

Learning to Self Manage:

Mindfulness Series:

Mindfulness Settles Us Series:

Mindfulness Through Dance: 

Mindset Matters Series:

Neuroscience & Brain Science Series:

Optisim and Happiness Series:

Practicing Gratitude Series:

See if You Can Rock Some Kindness: 

Self Awarness Through Mindfulness Series:

Self Portrait Series: